Japanese Flatland Championship Results

Check out the results from the third annual Japanese BMX Flatland Championships. Congratulations to Kirara Nakagawa for taking home gold in Women’s Elite and for dethroning Mitsusaki Ishizaki, who was the Japanese Champ for the last two years.

Girls Hi
? Yui Kiyomune
? Azusa Todaka
? Sariya Kajiwara

Girls Lo
? Hatsune Kamoshida
? Kokoa Koga
? Nanami Kamoshida

Kirara Nakagawa on her performance:

“I’m happy to be in first place. But I’m disappointed that I couldn’t decide the technique I wanted to do the most at the end. I want to practice hard so that I can make up in the next tournament. Last time there was no opponent to fight, but this time everyone I was very happy to be able to fight with him.”

Photos by Naoki Gaman / Japan Cycling Federation

Watch the full competition.

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