Molly Simpson, Quest For My Purpose

Canadian BMX Racer Molly Simpson is a rising powerhouse on the world stage. Check out this stunning video by Lynden Kidd. When asked what it was like to film with Molly, this is what Lynden had to say:

“When I first saw the picture of Molly on the ground after a crash at the world championships, it felt heartbreaking. It’s a really powerful image and I wanted to craft the story around it.

Come shoot day, my goal was to capture her as authentically as possible. The story was already laid out. What you see in the video is similar to a day in her life.

As for technical details we had one day to shoot and I wanted 4-5 scenes that I could cut between. I tried everything to pull the most cinematic-looking image possible from the use of different lighting setups, lens choices, camera movements, and drone work.

In the editing room, I primarily focused on pacing, stylized effects, sound design, and a heavy color grade.”

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