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Today we’re doing a feature on the pedals ridden by your favorite riders. While putting this together and contacting some of the athletes, I was really surprised by the vast variety of pedals ridden. We’re also giving away my favorite pair of pedals, the Odyssey OG PC on our insta @thebloombmx!

Cult Crew Dak Pedal

Ridden by Angie Marino

Dakota Roche signature pedal. Slim profile, large surface area, hefty heat treated 4130 spindle, knurled surface, and 14 large hexagon molded pinson each side for maximum grip.

Federal Contact Pedals

Ridden by Jana Muradova 

“The Contact pedal was designed as the Federal team wanted a thin pedal with a large surface area. The aim was to design the slimmest possible pedal without having to go to the unnecessary expense of using sealed bearings. The surface has a subtle concave shape which combined with the tapered pins and knurling makes sure your feet stay put!”


  • Larger footprint to give better grip, 95mm wide
  • Micro knurled pattern
  • 12 tapered pins on each side
  • Chromoly heat treated spindle with 6mm allen key hole on the back
  • Concave body to increase grip
  • Embossed Federal logo
  • Federal ‘F’ end cap

Fooker MTB Pedals

Ridden by Jesse Gregory


  • Nylon composite body material, more comfortable to step on
  • Waterproof, dustproof and anti-skidding.
  • Chromoly steel axle bearing, more stable, long service life.
  • Pedal size 4.30(L)*3.94 (W)*0.98 (H)inches, 0.79 lbs each pair

GT PC Logo Pedals

Ridden by Eduarda Bordignon


• 100% CrMo axle and hardware
• Extra-large thin body
• Large open windowed body
• Micro-knurled raised pads on edges and molded pins for grip
• Recessed protected square end cap

Heresy BMX Arrow Pedals

Ridden by Minato Oike

“Our ARROWS pedals are light, slim, strong, and grippy, great for flatland and street/park especially if you do nose wheelies or need to catch your pedals after a hang5, whip, or just go for a nicely popped bunny hop. Their slim and ergonomic design will lower your center of gravity, bring comfort and stability, try it!”

Odyssey OG PC Pedals

“A huge leap forward in pedal technology that results in a simpler overall design. Extremely lightweight plastic bodies eliminate the need for bearings and allow for a spindle that is significantly stronger than normal. Metal pins make the pedal very grippy, and the pedal will still function normally when pins are removed from one side for grind tricks. No flimsy outboard end caps. Pedal body halves are easy and inexpensive to replace – instead of replacing the whole pedal.”

Odyssey Trail Mix Pedals

Ridden by Joce Camarra

“The Trailmix Pedal is the incarnation of the renowned and much loved JC pedal that quickly became the platform pedal standard back in 2003. The Trailmix was a modern interpretation with a lighter body, bigger windows, and trail-inspired shape and pin lengths.”


Premium PC Slim Pedals

Ridden by Nikita Ducarroz & Lara Lessmann

Our Premium Slim Plastic pedals share the same shape and profile as our alloy pedals, but are made from an ultra-strong polycarbonate plastic. Like the Slim Alloy pedals, the body measures 15mm at the thinnest point and 20mm at the thickest and features a mild concave platform. The platform itself has a micro-knurled texture and eight molded pins per side. The Cr-Mo spindle, two sealed outer bearings and inner bushing increase durability and reliability and make for a smooth rattle free pedal.”


  • Platform measures 100mm x 96mm.
  • 6mm tool interface.
  • 9/16″
  • 11.6 oz.

Saltplus 6061 T6 Alloy Pedals

Ridden by Natalya Diehm

“The “creme del la creme” of alloy pedals. Fully CBC machined from 6061-t6 alloy and super slim in profile with sealed bearings. Grippy, durable, and probably classified as bike porn.”


  • Material-6061-T6 Alloy Cnc Body, Crmo Axle
  • Size-9/16″
  • Bearings-Sealed Bearing
  • Color-Black, Oilslick, Silver Polished
  • Features-Replacable Pins, Strong Crmo Spindle, Super Slim Lightweight Design
  • Weight-492g (17.35oz : 1.085lbs) (Per Pair)

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