RADshare Pump Track Worlds at Gillies Creek Recap

It was a big fun day in Richmond, VA this past weekend for the kiddos at Gillies Creek Pump Track, not only did they get to compete in the Pump Track World Champs, but they also received a visit from the Fast and Loose crew, and Perris Benegas – now back and riding again after her post-Olympic surgery.

It was a rad day, shared by rad people and it couldn’t have happened without the mastermind behind it all – Steve Crandall. It was a day for riders of all ages, and all walks of life to come together, have fun, smile and bond over the positivity that riding a bike can bring. Learn more about RADshare below and follow the link to support them. Crandall Rules.

Photos from Colin Mackay 

“We did an event at Gillies Creek Pump track this weekend, Time trials, Fastest lap (no pedaling) Slowest lap (clearing every jump) and fastest two laps…

We had 35 people competing in Pro, and 15 in the Kids class. All events were free and open to any riders, with any kind of bike, with the emphasis on fun and inclusivity.

At one point Perris gave away two bikes via RADshare to two female riders, the highlight being ten-year-old Lorna Wiley who was in disbelief and immediately started riding it. Throughout the day we had free pizza, free helmets and free fun, while young riders got to hang out with the likes of Colin Mackay, Garrett Ginch, Kris Fox, Corey Walsh, Matt Cordova, Nate Hanger, the Halahans, Perris Benegas, and more…”


About RADshare

“RADshare is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and empowering local youth through programs that explore and celebrate the art of having fun. RADshare aims to promote a safer bike culture by offering safety education, free helmets and dependable cycling equipment.

This organization, led by a community of creative leaders, seeks to close the opportunity gap through mentoring and exposure to the arts of fun and action-sports culture. It raises awareness for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), promotes mental health, exercise and nutrition and builds community advocates through a combination of education, advocacy and equipment, focusing on serving riders with less access to resources.

RADshare empowers today’s youth to reach their full potential through inclusive community-based projects, development of shared spaces and greater access to skills and safety clinics. We believe in empowerment through sharing RAD experiences.”

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