2021 Bloom BMX Park Rider of the Year

2021 was a new chapter for women’s BMX with the introduction of BMX Freestyle to the Olympics. We saw queens crowned for the first time and new BMX royalties emerge. For the next two weeks, we will be announcing each day the recipients of the 10 Bloom BMX Award categories.

Today, we are pleased to announce Charlotte Worthington as your 2021 Bloom BMX Park Rider of The Year.

Charlotte Worthington

It was no surprise that Charlotte Worthington would take this year’s award, given that she also won the Nora Cup Women’s Rider of the year and especially after making history and putting on a jaw-dropping, dramatic, and unexpected performance at the 2020-1 Tokyo Olympics. Here are some words from some key UK BMX figures.

“Congratulations Charlotte Worthington for being the Bloom park rider of the year, I’ve seen Charlotte come on leaps and bounds and one thing that has stood out is her mindset and determination. She has pushed the boundaries of BMX along with many other riders for the past couple of years but one thing to note and what makes her the best candidate for the park rider of the year is that epic battle of guts and determination at the finals at Tokyo 2020. She persistently kept to her game plan, kept her mindset in check, and stayed focused. The finals at Tokyo were filled with electricity and tension and you knew Charlotte was ‘brewing’ a brilliant planned run. There aren’t many times where I’m stunned in silence but Charlotte’s final run was one of those few moments. Congratulations Charlotte, I cannot wait for what the future of BMX brings if this is the start….” – Christi Lou (UCI & Olympic Judge)

Photo by Naoki Gaman

“I feel I’ve been lucky in my life to have witnessed incredible moments in BMX history. When they called her name and the riding began in Japan’s blazing hot sun, it was as if time stood still. Every second out on the Olympic course she grew in confidence and inspiration. What I saw that day was a woman letting go of her past to become the champion she dreamed of being and when Charlotte Worthington spread her wings and took flight, the world watched in wonder!” – Jamie Bestwick (BMX Freestyle Coach for Great Britain)

“I first met Chaz in 2013 on a road trip with a bunch of ladies and her scooter skills stood out back then, it was only a matter of time till those tricks would be transferred onto a BMX and she would be boosting! Chaz was already putting the work into mastering the art of the skatepark, then the OLYMPICS came knocking, and once Bestwick got involved, it was bound to be a recipe for success – fast forward to the Olympics 2020 and BOOM (seemingly) OUT OF NOWHERE – BACKFLIP 360 ?? …as well as a full run for the remainder of her 60 seconds! That’s. Dedication. Right. There.

I’m so proud! She is incredibly level headed and has taken this sport to places we could only dream of, she shines a huge light on what is possible in this sport and I can’t wait to see where Chaz and the rest of the ladies take BMX” – Kayley Ashworth (BMX Veteran, British Cycling’s Commission Board)

Tomorrow we will announce the 2021 Bloom BMX Racer of the year.

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