SWAMPWOMEN – Swampfest 2022 | Florideah

“Swampfest is a festival that celebrates the culture of BMX. Established in 2016, it is exclusively produced by professional BMXer, Trey Jones. Pro riders and fans travel annually from around the globe to experience Trey’s vision of BMX in his home state of Florida.” In this video we are featuring some of the women who came out to party; enjoy and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more content on women’s BMX.

The people behind the making of this video and their Instagram handles
Riders: @joc313 | @lilbmxwolf | @dudapenso | @allie_wolfe
Film Credit: @dylanthayer | @dutch_matrix | @lifebehindbars | @edgars.lowhoe | @georgentavou | @leandro_overall | Sorry if we missed anyone.
Edit By: @beabmx

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