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Today, we’re breaking down the process of competing in a USA BMX Freestyle competition for 2022 with the most current information we have. If you’re a young American with dreams of standing on the podium at the Olympics or becoming a National Champ, read on.


BMX Freestyle Competitions are judged events, in which riders are scored based upon their skill at executing a routine, including one or more of a variety of different maneuvers, that are known as “tricks”. Within the context of these regulations, BMX Freestyle Competitions or Events shall refer to as “Park Contests”. - Page 1 of the handbook.


Launched in 2020, USA BMX Freestyle heads into our second full season in 2022 with 8 live events, along with digital events throughout the year. We continue to grow and hope to see you at a competition soon!

YOU NEED TO GET A MEMBERSHIP (2 options to choose from)

A USA BMX Freestyle Membership
Price: $60.00
Minimum Age Requirement: None
Aside from having a bike and a hunger for competition, you will need at the very bare minimum, a USA BMX Freestyle Membership, aka the amateur level membership. This membership is good for the calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 31) and in order to compete at these events, you have to join the club! Through this membership, you get to collect points based on how well you do in competition, and at the end of the season, you are ranked nationally based on your points.

UCI International Membership
Price: $230.00
Minimum Age Suggested: 15*
Like racing, you’ll often find UCI events and USA BMX events scheduled at the same competition, that’ll be the same case here at these USA BMX Freestyle stops, which are called C1 events. Riders with a USA BMX Freestyle Membership may compete in a C1 UCI event, however your points will count nationally but not towards the UCI, which is important IF you want to be on the pathway to the Olympics. If that’s something you’re considering, you’ll want a UCI International Membership. If you get this, you also don’t need a USA BMX Freestyle Membership to compete in a C1 event (Which is the level at which the Elites like Hannah Roberts and Perris Benegas compete in). If the Olympics is what you’re after, C1 events and higher are what matters. With this membership, you are ranked internationally.

*Why is the age suggested? If you’re under 15 and you only care about BMX Freestyle, save money and do not get the UCI International Membership. Right now the minimum age permitted to compete in a UCI BMX Freestyle event is 15 and over.

Keir Sirlin is your current #1 ranked age 12 and older women. Photo by Naoki Gaman.

FYI: If you are a BMX Racer with a USA BMX membership, a BMX Freestyle Membership is separate even though it’s under “USA BMX”. You will need to purchase both to compete in both disciplines. However, the UCI International Membership covers all cycling disciplines recognized by the UCI.

A rider can participate in both the Amateur and Elite categories during the same season IF THE RIDER IS NOT CURRENTLY RANKED TOP 50 in UCI ELITE WORLD RANKINGS. Once a rider has participated in a UCI Elite Competition, they are only allowed to enter the USA BMX Freestyle Amateur class of EXPERT-OPEN only and no other class offered by USA BMX Freestyle. - Page 2 of the handbook. 


Just like any other competition, you will need to pre-register through Rounds are typically broken up like so: Friday is practice, Saturday is competition day and Sunday is the overflow day in case Saturday rains out or they were unable to finish. Registration is straightforward, fill out the form and make sure you have your membership number ready. Every contest has a fee, and USA BMX Freestyle competitions are no different. For amateurs, be prepared to pay $75 and $100 if you’re looking to enter C1 event.


Round 1January 28-30Premises ParkTucson, AZ
Round 2February 25-27Woodward WestStallion Springs, CA
*Round 3April 1-3Dodson Sports ParkLongview, TX
Round 4May 20-22Woodward ParkWoodward, PA
Round 5June 24-26Sk8 CaryCary, NC
Round 6August 12-14CV BMXNewberg, OR
Round 7September 9-114 Seasons Skate ParkMilwaukee, WI
*The FinalsOctober 14-16Woodward ParkWoodward, PA
* Indicates that there are C1 events at these rounds.


In these competitions, there are several categories for women, including Women 11 and under, Women 12+, and Elite. In order for these classes to proceed, you need to have at least 3 women in the category, or 5 if it’s a UCI C1 event. In a situation where there are 3 women spread across different age groups, then the women can be combined at the discretion of USA BMX Freestyle. If for some reason 3 women register but only 2 show up, the competition still goes on.


Depending on the number of riders, there may be a qualification process or you may go straight to finals. For a class that has 3-9 riders, you can expect to go straight to finals, so be prepared with your two best, 45-second runs. Your run will be judged based on difficulty, height, flow, originality, style, consistency, variety of tricks, control, landings, and the use of the entire course.

Without drowning you with too much information, we’re going to leave it here.
Come out, have fun, watch and ride with your favorite pros.
If you want to read the USA BMX Freestyle handbook, click here.

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