Quick Questions with Nadine Aeberhard

Name: Nadine Aeberhard
Socials: @nadine_aeberhard
Age: 20
Hometown: Bern, Switzerland
Sponsors: Prophecy BMX, Schweizer Sporthilfe, Swiss Cycling, BMX Team Prophecy-Orllati

What is your BMX origin story – How did you get into BMX? Thanks to my parents, I grew up in the motorsport world. My mother didn’t want me and my brother to follow their path because motocross is too dangerous as she said, so a friend of hers invited me and my brother to try BMX instead. I loved it from the beginning and now, 15 years later I still love it!

What languages do you speak? My native language is Swiss-German. But I also speak German, French and English.

Your top three tracks: 

  1. Verona, Italy
  2. Paris SQY, France
  3. Sarrians, France

Top three songs to get you pumped

  1. Allot by 21 Savage
  2. “I Gotta Feeling” by Black-Eyed Peas
  3. “White Walls” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Three people who inspire you and why:

  1. Mariana Pajon, obviously. There is no BMX racer like her. Her riding is just impressive and she achieved everything there is to achieve!
  2. My brother, Loris Aeberhard. Without him, I would never be where I am right now. I always looked up to his riding style and skills and I will always do.
  3. Tahnée Seagrave. She is an amazing DH racer. Her content on social media is so inspiring and I admire how brave she is.

What is a trend in BMX you want to stop seeing? I wish they would stop building BMX tracks “easier” to make them safer. In my opinion, it’s worse because we gain more speed and end up with huge crashes in the corners. Please just keep building tracks like Stuttgart and Glasgow!


How do you spend your days off your bike? I love spending time with my dog Runa, my family and friends. But I love doing other activities like DH, Swimming or Skiing.

Favourite person to train with? Nobody specific, I just like to train in a group. It’s always good to train with some younger boys on the same level as me. They push me to get better.

What race shoes do you wear? Suplest cross-country pro. Wouldn’t want any other shoes!

What race pants do you wear? I’m using the Lead Racewear Pants! Very honoured to be sponsored by this high-quality brand!

Most inspirational quote: “Every champion was once a beginner”

Best advice given: “Focus on the present, thinking about the past or the future will ruin the moment.”

Your biggest fear? To disappoint the people I love. 

Your proudest accomplishment? For myself, this has to be winning the Challenge World Title in 2017 (Rockhill, NC). This one meant so much to me, this is where I got better and better at international races! Right now my proudest accomplishment is being the first U23 European Champion.

Three guilty pleasures:

  1. Chocolate for sure. I LOVE all kinds of chocolates
  2. Disney movies, and for sure I always start crying when it gets emotional
  3. Skip songs before they are over. That’s why I never get the aux.

Your worst habit? Being lazy. No comment.

If you could hire someone to help you in some sort of aspect of your life, what would it be? I can’t think of something at the moment. I’m happy with how life is going right now in BMX and in general.

Your top three future goals you want to achieve: 

  1. 3 titles. 3 chances. National, European and World Championships.
  2. Consistency in the elite class. More finals and podiums.
  3. The Olympics.

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