Quick Questions with Keir Sirlin

Name: Keir Jayce Sirlin
Age: 12. ALMOST 13
Hometown: The United States of America 
Sponsors: Haro and Vans

What is your BMX origin story – How did you get into BMX? I loved skateboarding first. I had gotten a board for Christmas and was super hyped on skating. A few months later I met a friend with a bike. I was a 7 year old second grader.  I wanted a bike right away but I had to ask Santa. I asked him for a black We The People Seed 16 and he delivered. I was 8 and my brother had just turned 4. My parents got us a membership to The Lumberyard in PDX where we rode weekly and rode skateparks whenever it wasn’t raining. Once I got a bike it’s all I wanted to do. About a year and a half later my Mom reached out to Angie Marino. My parents surprised us with a skatepark road trip to San Diego. I met Angie and Nikita Ducarroz at OB. The next day I rode with Angie at Clairemont. It was the best BMX day of my 9 year old life. Been traveling the country riding skateparks everywhere ever since! I used to get ready for school in the morning then go in the garage and practice barspins and fakies on a tiny plastic kicker. I lived a quick ride from my local skatepark and started dropping the 10 foot bowl walls at age 10. I love BMX. 

What languages do you speak? Well, I took a foreign language this year, but I only speak English. Aaaaand one word of French. 

Your top three parks to ride:  VANS in SLC is amazing, Town Center at Woodward East and The Hangar at Woodward West def top my list.

Top three songs to get you pumped. 

  1. The La Funk Mob Remix of Bug powder Dust by Bomb The Bass. These songs don’t necessarily pump me up but they’re old faves….
  2. CHURCH by Macklemore featuring Xperience. It’s the rap for me 👌🏼 
  3. It takes 2 Rob Bass and DJ EZ ROCK 😂

Three people who inspire you and why:

  1. Ruby Bridges because she was incredibly brave and overcame adversity at 6 years old as the first African American student to desegregate an Elementary School in Louisiana in 1960. I’ve learned a lot about Civil Rights travelling the country. I have visited Little Rock Central High School and I’ve been to The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis twice. 
  2. Sky Brown has inspired me since discovering her when I was 7 years old. It was so awesome having an athlete like her to admire that was only a year older than me! I love that she’s inspired so many GIRLS around the globe to skate, chase their dreams, face their fears and intimidation straight on and blow minds in a male-dominated sport, Sky also has a little brother that’s her best friend like me! Olympic athlete at 13 for SKATING. 
  3. I’m inspired by my family. They support me, how much they love me, they make me want to be like them when I grow up.’🙏🏼😭
Photos by Naoki Gaman

What is a trend in BMX you want to stop seeing? What I love the most about BMX is just flowing a skatepark. It’s so fun to just ride in a park and be creative with your riding. I love to ride a park I’ve never seen, even if it looks gnarly or small when you first see it, it can be so fun to ride! I’m inspired by riders with a lot of styles and I think it’s rad when someone can ride ANYthing with style whether it’s a skatepark, bowl, dirt, street, big ramps or box jumps. I’d rather see someone do their own thing with a lot of style then the same tricks over the same box that everyone else is doing. So many talented and creative riders out there. 

How do you spend your days off your bike? I spend a lot of time flipping on my trampoline with my brother, hanging with friends and laughing at my super goofy dog Rebel Grace. I love to skateboard, sing and read. We travel a ton as a family. 

Favourite person to ride with? My little brother Steele. He’s always funny and we have so many inside jokes so we’re always laughing while riding. 

Favourite shoes to ride in? VANS BMX SK8 HI’s 

Most inspirational quote: Here’s a quote I really like. 💖💖 “And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned  brighter than her fears” – Mark Anthony 

Best advice given: To let my light shine, to do what sets my soul on fire and show people who I am.  

Your biggest fear? Eating EGGS. I don’t eat eggs. Nope. Hard pass. 

Your proudest accomplishment? Landing a 540 in my contest run at KTR in Utah felt really awesome.  It was the most fun contest I’ve ever ridden in. I landed everything and all my Utah friends were there and so hyped on each other. It was so fun. 

Three guilty pleasures:

  1. Sweets and treats but I feel no guilt. 
  2. Binge watching Green House Academy and CHEESY YouTube channels 
  3. A bit of Nintendo Switch. We were deprived of video games until this past Christmas.

Your worst habit? Picking off my nail polish 🥴

If you could hire someone to help you in some sort of aspect of your life, what would it be? I’d definitely hire help with math problems. SO not my favorite subject. 

Your top three future goals you want to achieve: 

  1. Go PRO 
  2. I’d like to become a coach and inspire other girls to pursue their passions and do what makes them happy.
  3. I want to be a Mom one day  🥰

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