The Power of Belief: Bethany Shriever’s Rise to the Top

It’s not every day a BMXer comes out with a book, but if there’s a biographical story worth reading, it’s one about Britain’s BMX racer and Gold Olympic Medalist, Bethany Shriever. Take a peak at the preview below and grab one before Christmas on Amazon, WHSmiths, Hive, Waterstones and Bookshop.

“When UK Sport removed funding for women’s BMX, Bethany Shriever’s dream of Olympic glory seemed shattered. Throw in the impact of a broken leg sustained in childhood, plus an untimely arm injury weeks before the final Olympic qualification event, and few would have thought the 22-year-old would be on the plane to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, let alone the podium. And with the uncertainty caused by a global pandemic, the external pressures on Beth were intense and pervasive. However, the BMX racer from Essex is made of stern stuff and, perhaps just as importantly, so are the team around her. From her deeply involved family, to her dedicated coaching team, to her friends within the BMX community, Beth’s story recognises the team behind an athlete. This compelling tale of triumph over adversity reveals how the power of belief overcame the obstacles that threatened to derail Bethany’s dreams of becoming the best ever female BMX racer.”

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