Quick Questions with Teigen Pascual

Name: Teigen Pascual
Socials: @teigenpascual
Age: 19
Hometown: Squamish, BC, Canada
Sponsors: Factory Rift Tangent

What is your BMX origin story – How did you get into BMX? I started BMX when I was 5 or 6. I had been riding bikes since I was basically born, as Squamish is literally the centre of bikes. A close friend asked if I wanted to come try one day, and never looked back 🙂

What languages do you speak? Only English sadly. My dad is from Argentina, so the whole side of the family speaks Spanish, so it would be cool if I could learn. I used to speak Spanish when I was really young, but I lost it:(

Your top three tracks: 

  1. Papendal, NL
  2. Nantes, FR
  3. BMX Pernois, FR

Top three songs to get you pumped

  1. Chant by Macklamore
  2. Final Song by MO
  3. Run Up by Major Lazer 

Three people who inspire you and why:

  1. Jesse Bifano. He just knows so much about how to better yourself in and out of the gym. It’s cool to watch how you can always do better and there is always more you can learn. 
  2. Ellie Tuner. She’s just a cool person. The level and quality of training and competing is just so crazy to watch. 
  3. Arielle Verhaaren. She has a pretty crazy story and just seeing what she went through and hearing what she has to say about the sport and life around it, just makes a lot of sense. She always knows what to say and how to help. 

What is a trend in BMX you want to stop seeing? Tabletop first jumps

How do you spend your days off your bike? Keeping my dog from not tearing the house up, skiing in the winter, hanging with friends, 

Favourite person to train with? Molly Simpson

What race shoes do you wear? Shimano S-phyre

What race pants do you wear? Fly Radium

Most inspirational quote: You win or you learn

Best advice given: Turn fear into an opportunity to grow

Your biggest fear? Getting stuck under a boat, or flipping in a boat. Pretty much anything that was to do with boats, kinda a weird fear. 

Your proudest accomplishment? Probably getting over my fear of supercross ha. Well, I’d say not fully getting over it, but I’ve been able to get over the barrier of being able to put myself in situations I am scared of, and pushing past it to accomplish those things. 

As for a result accomplishment, that would have to be getting second at Worlds in 2022 as a Junior. It was just a cool feeling being able to stand on the podium at an Elite Worlds, and being able to win one of the UCI medals.

Three guilty pleasures:

  1. Chocolate milk 
  2. Mini Eggs
  3. Anything sweet (I have the biggest sweet tooth)

Your worst habit? I’m the worst nail-biter, it’s the worst. I also tend to leave all the lights on in the house and my mom hates it. 

If you could hire someone to help you in some sort of aspect of your life, what would it be? A chef ha

Your top three future goals you want to achieve: 

  1. Going to the Olympics 
  2. Having a better mental game 
  3. Being able to be happy with what I achieved in the sport

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