On the road with Jesse Gregory – GT Bicycles

We’re only one day away from the start of the GT Bicycles x Bloom BMX trip in Florida! We’ll be hitting up some of Florida’s famous parks and then Swampfest as our last stop. The newest GT rider hails from Huntington Beach, CA, get to know Jesse Gregory today!

Your first memory of BMX? I distinctly remember my dad teaching me how to ride a bike without training wheels, and me falling into a bush in our front yard that was ALWAYS filled with spiders.

Your best memory/ experience involving BMX? My best/favorite memory of BMX was when I was riding down the beach walk of Spain with the girl riders I’ve looked up to for so long, and eating seafood on the beautiful Spain beaches. Nothing could’ve made me more relaxed and happy. 

Jesse Gregory by Naoki Gaman
Jesse Gregory by Naoki Gaman

Which stop of the GT x Bloom Trip are you looking forward to the most? I’m looking forward to helping paint the Swampfest course and hitting some Florida trails! I’m beyond excited to leave for Florida early and film with GT and The Bloom! The thing I’m most excited about is the trails! The Florida/east coast dirt, is NOTHING like in California. They ride so smooth, so fast, and so easy to fix if you case or mess anything up. Kinda bummed I’ll be in Vegas when the team stops at Kona. Such a legendary park.

How many times have you been to Swampfest? This year will be my 3rd year at Swampfest because I told myself no matter what, I could never miss another one again.

What’s in your Swampfest survival kit? Honestly, I don’t bring too much to Swampfest. But a necessity is an extra change of clothes and shoes. But to prepare, I would say :

  1. Bring 2x the beer u plan on bringing
  2. Do NOT bring shoes you want to wear in the future (forever crusty)
  3. Don’t be scared of getting down n muddy
  4. Bring your send it attitude because people out there are wild
  5. Let go of all rules! YOUR IN FLORIDA

How nervous are you going to Swampfest I’m always a little nervous going into Swampfest because it gets crazier and crazier. The obstacles get gnarlier and more creative each year.



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