Quick Questions with Vineta Petersone

Name: Vineta Petersone
Socials: Instagram @vinetapetersone
Current Age: 23
Hometown: Cesis, Latvia 🇱🇻
Sponsors: Supercross, Speedline, Fly racing, E6 racing components

How did you get into BMX? When I was born, my dad and brother went to a BMX track nearby, so I grew up by the track following my brother. I was on the bike as soon as I could. At age 3, I was already riding my little bike. Started racing soon after and never stoped.😊

What languages do you speak? Latvian, English and Spanish.

What are your top three tracks?

  1. Colombia, Bogota SX
  2. Argentina, Santiago del Estero SX
  3. Paris, SQY SX

Top three songs to get you pumped?

  1. Pump It Up by Endor 🤭
  2. Everybody Wanna Be by Aaron Whelan
  3. Neverita by Bad Bunny 🐰

Three people who inspire you and why.

  1. Miguel Calixto – He’s my boyfriend and he trains really hard, he studies really hard and he has his life together, I’m happy to be spending every day with such a person.
  2. Mariana Pajon, she’s an incredible rider that has achieved so much, her attitude in life inspires me to be like her.
  3. @AnaXielo – Shes such a free spirit that does what she loves the most and she’s awesome at it.

What is a trend in BMX you want to stop seeing? All those close-up shaky videos. We get it, you have a good camera but its hard to watch.

How do you spend your days off your bike? I love doing my make-up and my nails 👩🏼‍🦳💅 Going out with my doggies 🫶🏼 And Rollerskating whenever I can.

Favourite person to ride or train with? My boyfriend Miguel Calixto 🫶🏼

Favourite shoes to ride in? Shimano for SPD and Vans for flats

Most inspirational quote? All we have is this very moment.

Best advice given to you? You’re just as capable as others don’t put yourself down.

Your biggest fear? First straight-side wind 😅

Your proudest accomplishment? Bronze medal at my last junior World Championship with a borrowed bike because mine never arrived to the US 😩

Three guilty pleasures? Shopping Empanadas (Google it and if you’re in Colombia, you have to try them) Rummikub 🤓

Your worst habit? Avoiding conversations 😅

If you could hire someone to help you in some sort of aspect of your life, what would it be? Community Manager

What is an amazing experience you had that couldn’t have happened without BMX? Living in Colombia, probably without BMX I would have never visited this beautiful country.

Your top three future goals you want to achieve?

  1. Paris 2024
  2. World Championship podium
  3. Just live happily doing something I love 🙂

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