Quick Questions with Mampoka Popane

Name: Mampoka Popane
Socials: @mampoka_popane
Current Age: 25
Hometown: Mafeteng, Lesotho
Sponsors: None

How did you get into BMX? I joined a cycling organization in 2018 where I participated in multiple cycling tours and races, I volunteered to work at the organization’s bike shop where I sold and repaired bicycles. In 2020, I went to university to pursue my degree and I got interested in joining Velosolution’s Pump Track club.

What languages do you speak? Sesotho and English

What are your top three tracks?

  1. Roma Pump For Peace
  2. Malealea Monster Race
  3. Thaba – Tseka Pump Track

Top three songs to get you pumped?

  1. Rush by Ayra Starr
  2. Miss you by Olive Tree, Robin Schulz
  3. All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled

Three people who inspire you and why.

  1. Carly Kane because she is the Pump Track World Champion.
  2. Claudio Caretti because he owns Velosolutions Pump Tracks.
  3. Tengyo Kura because he travels around the world.

How do you spend your days off your bike? I study

Favourite person to ride or train with? Matthew Caretti

Favourite shoes to ride in? VANS

Most inspirational quote? Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.

Best advice given to you? To never compare myself with other people of my higher status

Your biggest fear? To break my leg and be unable to ride a bike

Your proudest accomplishment? Won the first price on mountain biking

Three guilty pleasures?

  1. Eating after every 30 minutes when I spend the day indoors.
  2. Social media
  3. Watching series all night

Your worst habit? Cutting my nails with my teeth

If you could hire someone to help you in some sort of aspect of your life, what would it be? To wash my laundry

What is an amazing experience you had that couldn’t have happened without BMX? I travelled to some places around Lesotho

Your top three future goals you want to achieve?

  1. I want to own different kinds of bikes
  2. I want to have sponsors
  3. I want to travel around the world

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