Val Ward Interview

Several months ago, before the start of the competition season, Val Ward, who was normally associated with British Cycling, announced her UCI nationality change to German. We recently asked her about this change and her decision behind it.

Who is Val Ward? 

I work hard and enjoy life! I got into BMX when I was little and did everything my older brothers did, which included BMXing! I then got back into BMX later on in life and love it! 

Photo by Adam Lievesley

How long were you riding under Great Britain and what was your proudest take away from your time with them?

Despite being ranked 8th in the World when the team was set up and my ranking being used to gain funding, I have never been on the team.  My proudest moment was when they invited me to a mock Team GB competition at Eurocamp in Spain a few years ago and I came first! It was so much fun!

Photo by Steev CVM

What happened? Why switch to Germany now?

I should have done it sooner, it’s been so good for my soul! My mother is German, I went to a German school and have been German for a lot longer than I have been British. It makes me so happy to compete as a German and the German team is so lovely. When I initially signed up I only got a cycling licence because it was needed to enter a FISE World Cup competition. It was so long ago I was really nervous about entering the elite category.  I was definitely not thinking about the future of competing and which country to ride for at the time! 

What’s the game plan leading to the Olympics?

The Olympics isn’t really on my radar. I’m stoked to join in and fit in at comps and jams. I’m in it for the fun factor! 

How does switching countries impact points and such?

Well, I think Germany can’t use some of my old points but it won’t make any difference to them as only the top 2 riders count and they are well ahead of me! For me none of this was about points, I turned over a new leaf and couldn’t be happier! 

A rider may request a change of sporting nationality to the UCI in the following cases and under one of the following conditions:

a. If the civil nationality in question is lost for any reason, the rider may choose the sporting
nationality of another nationality which he holds;
b. If the rider was a minor at the time of first applying for a licence, the rider may choose a
different nationality which he holds when making a first application for a licence after he
reaches the age of majority;
c. If the rider holds another nationality without letters a. or b. applying, subject to the
following limitations and restrictions – – –1.1.033 Read More Here

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