Anahí Valentina Interview

Anahí Valentina is one of the sweetest and most brave individuals I know. Aside from being a shredder on the streets, she also rebuilt her life by leaving the civil unrest in Ecuador to move to Spain. Since then, Anahí Valentina has been absolutely flourishing in her new life. Get to know Anahí Valentina in this newest interview.

Name: Anahí Valentina
Socials: @anahi_bmx
Current Age: 26
Hometown: Quito, Ecuador
Sponsors: KINK BMX – The Cut BMX, VANS Europe, Hard Riders, Cliche Crew.

How did you get into BMX? I started riding 10 years ago at my local park, my grandparents gave me my first bike and my mom, my helmet and Pro-Tecs. I was always a very crazy kid, my family always wanted me to do some sport so cycling was the answer.

What languages do you speak? Español, Inglés, Spanglish

Your top three parks? I don’t have a favorite spot, I like to ride in the streets, dirt, wooden ramps and bowls. In Barcelona we don’t have many parks so the street will always be the first choice… but my local park in Quito, Ecuador “La Pista” will always be one of my favorites 🙂

Top three songs on your playlist? This will be funny, I don’t have a favorite song, but I listen to Reggueton, Rap, Salsa, Techno, Rock, haha it all depends on my mood on the ride.

Three people who inspire you and why? I don’t know who could be the three but for me, my favorites are Perris Benegas and Felix Prangenberg … I think that bikers should not only think about looking good when riding a bike, but also about being good people, motivating others, and everything they transmit motivates me to grow!

What is a trend in BMX you want to stop seeing? I feel like nowadays there are a lot of groups that are divided depending on what your riding style is, I think it would be nice to be all friends and share no matter if you ride park, street or whatever 🙂

What do you do when you’re not riding? Always working. I like to be active. I train to improve my fitness, I like personal development, reading books, listening to podcasts and focusing a lot on myself and my mind, I like to learn by myself the topics that I like to develop in my career so I will soon start studying.

Favourite person to ride or train with? Love to ride with my friends. Anyone who is motivated to improve and have fun.

Favourite shoes to ride in? Vans Half Cab

Best advice given to you? “Think of all the good things that would happen if you do so.”

Your biggest fear? Not seeing my family again

Your proudest accomplishment? Moving to Barcelona, doing so in my condition was crazy but creating the life I have now and getting back on a bike after my back injury is my greatest achievement.

Your worst habit? I leave things in random places and forget to answer messages.

If you could hire someone to help you in some aspect of your life, what would it be? Mental trainer.

What is a memorable experience you had that couldn’t have happened without BMX? Again moving to Barcelona, I think most things in my life in some way have been influenced by BMX. Leaving home, travelling the world, learning new languages, meeting new people, trying new food and being able to know myself and know that I can do more than I thought I could.

Your top three future goals you want to achieve?

  • BMX has given me so much in my life, and I would like to do something for it.
  • Breaking the limits in Women’s Street BMX
  • To see my family again and to have my own house.

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