Cliches of Berlin by Linda Grabner

Last week, The Clichè Crew dropped their second edit from their time in Berlin in late August of 2023. Today, we get an extra look into the trip, with words from Linda Grabner, and photos shot by Teresa Grauten, Linda Grabner and Alexander Seggebäing.

The Clichè Crew – Linda Grabner, Wibke Vogel, Teresa Grauten, Anahi Valentina Arevalo, Francina Fernández, Emma Finnegan, Jorid Eilts

Linda Grabner by Alexander Seggebäing

Linda Grabner: After filming our first video last year we couldn’t wait to get back together to film again. Our plan was to go to Helsinki in August but for several reasons those plans changed quickly and we decided to visit Wibke in Berlin for a week. Luckily Wibke’s roommates weren’t there at that time so all of us were able to stay at her place.

After everyone arrived on Monday and put their bike together we went out to the first spot. Sadly this year Jorid wasn’t able to join the trip. Like last year, Teresa filmed and edited the video with the rest of the crew helping out with second angels even though Teresa crashed at the end of May and was still recovering from her torn ACL.

Like on every trip it didn’t go down without injuries. Francina and Wibke both hurt themselves in the first two days and were out for the week. However everything else went very well. Berlin is full of cool spots and everybody got some good clips. Besides riding we spend the week cooking, playing Yatzy and just enjoying the time together.

At the end of the week, there was the Last Stand Jam x Bangers Film Festival at the Mellowpark on Saturday where all of us rode the girl’s best trick jam. It was the perfect ending to a good week. Riding Bikes, chilling with a lot of riders and after watching the videos for the Bangers Film Festival partying with everyone.

At the beginning of October Linda and Teresa decided to go back to Berlin for two days to get a few more clips of Wibke. Unfortunately on the second day we got rained out but we managed to get three clips. So the video was now ready to edit.

Thanks to VANS, CULT and ODYSSEY for trusting us and making this trip happen!

We also were lucky to be able to premiere our video this year in Hannover, Barcelona and Liverpool. Thanks to The Cut and Gleis D Skatehalle for letting us premiere the video at their Halloween Jams!

Phot by Linda Grabner

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