Help Anais return to BMX after ACL injury

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Hey legends!

I’ve been working so hard alongside my surgeon, physio, and BMX coach to return to riding after my complete ACL rupture and meniscus tear. I am currently 10 months into the rehab and getting back on the bike is just around the corner!

Although my support team and I have been doing everything we can to get my knee and leg as strong as possible, unfortunately after an ACL rupture, there’s still a higher chance of rupturing it again. With that said, there is ONE LAST PIECE of the puzzle that I can add to increase my knee’s safety as much as possible.

And that is knee braces. Recommended to me by our very own Olympian, Natalya Diehm, who has done her ACL a shocking number of times, getting my hands on two CTI knee braces is crucial for my return to sport and competitions.

As these braces are hand-laminated and are made up of carbon composite material, they are unfortunately expensive. This expense however, is justified by the fact that they significantly increase my protection from another knee injuries. And with a knee injury like my ACL rupture, comes a big cost with surgery, physio, and help from other health professionals as well as the worst part, 12 MONTHS off the bike!!!

If you are a rider too, you would now first hand that BMX IS EVERYTHING! The thing we do to have fun, hang out with your mates, escape from stresses, and to satisfy that little part of your brain that gets so stoked when you drop in and do an air.

If you are able to support in this way, I would be forever grateful x

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