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Last week we got to learn about Gorlz BMX, a group formed in Scotland consisting of local riders from the Scotland scene. Today, we get to know Jewels BMX, another community initiative created to grow the Women’s BMX scene, this time by Kona Vasquez and Francina Fernandez. Learn more and give them a follow below!

@jewelsbmx co founder Francina Fernandez

About Jewels BMX

Jewels BMX arises with the deep conviction that as women, we have a unique essence capable of enriching and growing the BMX culture.

Our goal is to forge a solid community between girls, a space where mutual support flourishes, providing opportunities and creating solid support between us. Our mission goes beyond simply existing in sport; we long to build a network that provides meaningful experiences, and tools for personal, supporting growth and strengthen the mental health of our members.

As Jewels, we aspire to give a voice to women in the world of BMX, promoting awareness about the importance of inclusion and diversity.

We seek to be recognized worldwide as a platform that empowers, gives visibility and breaks down barriers in the BMX community. Our vision is to build a lasting legacy, transforming the perception of BMX towards a more equitable, exciting and truly inclusive path.

Thank you everyone for being part of this amazing community and supporting the movement. Empower yourself, and empower your community, we cannot change the world but we can change ours.

Are you building your BMX community? If so, we want to hear from you. Shoot us a message to be featured and to share your story.

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