2024 UCI BMX Racing World Championships Results

The BMX Racing World Championships returned to Rock Hill, South Carolina, and although new riders have since risen since the last World Champs, some things stayed the same, namely Alise Willoughby winning another Elite Women title and the rainbow jersey at this track. Here are the results from the May 18th event.

Photos courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/BMXRacingWC

Elite Women

  1. Alise Willoughby USA
  2. Zoe Claessens SUI
  3. Daleny Vaughn USA
  4. Felicia Stancil USA
  5. Laura Smulders NED
  6. Carly Kane USA
  7. Leila Walker NZL
  8. Saya Sakakibara AUS

Women Under 23

  1. Veronika Monika Sturiska LAT
  2. Emily Hutt GBR
  3. Isabell May AUS
  4. Sabina Košárková CZE
  5. Valerie Vossen BEL
  6. Sharid Mercado COL
  7. Lissi Van Schijndel NED
  8. Mckenzie Gayheart USA

Women Junior

  1. Teya Rufus AUS
  2. Lily Greenough NZL
  3. Ava Corley USA
  4. Nicole Foronda Castro COL
  5. Alina Beck GER
  6. Sienna Harvey GBR
  7. Alexis Alden USA
  8. Grecia Hassenteufel BOL

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