Angie Marie

Our favorite moments of 2021

Looking back, 2021 was a pretty wild year! Sure, we didn't get to have a full season of competitions like we were used to, but a lot happened. Here are some of...

“Mishit” 2021 edit

I have decided to give myself a challenge of filming an edit this year. I had a few of my friends help me film, credited at the end, and I edited the whole thing myself, and this was quite a fun task.

Throwback to Crystal Shepherd 2009

Throwing back to 2009 with Australian Crystal Shepherd.

Bangers 2021 : Girls United

History was made! Check out the first female group ever to participate in the Bangers Film Festival. "Girls United" was edited by Jorid Eilts & Teresa Grauten and featured @linda.grabner, @wibko, @derya.wolter,...

Throwback to Nikita Ducarroz 2013

Throwback to 2013, an edit by Nikita Ducarroz.

PREORDER New Bloom Merch!

PREORDER New Bloom merch today! We have 3 new logo tees. All 3 come in black and white. PREORDER is from today (9/1) until Sunday (9/5). After PREORDER is over there will...

Carla Statham : BMX session facing my fears!!! BMX session at my local skatepark asylum. Trying to face some fears and give things a go. Started this YouTube channel to capture the progress but also show the fails and anxiety that come...

Women’s Weekend In The Woods 2021

Women's Weekend in the woods returns for 2021 hosted by Tasha Lindemann! Saturday, August 28th at Catty Woods and Sunday, August 29th at Posh Woods. Schedule below ?? August 28th | Catty Woods 9...

Angie Marie