Our favorite moments of 2021

Looking back, 2021 was a pretty wild year! Sure, we didn’t get to have a full season of competitions like we were used to, but a lot happened. Here are some of our favorite moments and highlights of 2021.

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Olympic Highlights 

Bloom Week at Woodward East

We had our first ever Bloom BMX week at Woodward East!

Race Career Highlights


  • Brooke Crain retires from BMX Racing
  • Caroline Buchanan retires from BMX Racing
  • Stefany Hernandez retires from BMX Racing
  • Ruby Huisman retires from BMX Racing

Bloom Interviews


2021 Bloom BMX Awards

  • Park rider of the year : Charlotte Worthington
  • Racer of the year : Payton Ridenour
  • Flatlander of the year : Leticia Moda
  • Street rider of the year : Linda Grabner
  • Trail rider of the year : Teresa Fernandez
  • Bowl rider of the year : Jesse Gregory
  • Rookie of the year : Aubree Henson
  • Brand of the year : Vans
  • Comeback of the year : Anahi Valentina
  • Back of the year : Chrissy Piper

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