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Nikita Ducarroz’s Training Facility

Today we’re sharing details about Nikita Ducarroz's training facility in NC, and what she hopes to achieve with this new setup. 

World’s youngest female BMX backflip

Bianca Martin is on the rise and is making a statement for all the young up and comers. This kind, humble, sweet lady has just landed the worlds youngest BMX female backflip (from what we know) and with precision.

SWAMPWOMEN – Swampfest 2022 | Florideah

Swampfest is a festival that celebrates the culture of BMX, check out the Swampwomen who came out to play!

Spend a day with Natalya Diehm

Hang out with Australian BMX Freestyle rider Natalya Diehm as she takes the LUXBMX crew into an average day in her life.


Hailing from a small town in the mountains of Austria, Linda Grabner loves to travel and has been doing just that in and around Germany while filming for her first video for Wethepeople.


Watch Linda Grabner and the Vans Europe crew in the new "TRIBES" video! Also featuring guest clips from Anahí Valentina.

Mish – Pre Christmas Corby Session

Youtube session video with Mish from the UK.

Throwback to Nina Buitrago on UPROXX Studio

She's the OG! Here's a throwback video of Nina Buitrago. Great production, chill music, Nina's velvety voice, it's sure to put you in a good mood.

BLOOM JAM HOSTED BY RADSHARE June 4-5 2022 | Richmond, VA

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