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Spotlight: Ashley Bird

Please introduce yourself!My name is Ashley Bird, I'm 25 years old. I live in Aberdeen, which is in the north east of Scotland. I started bmxing 5 years ago. The furthest I...

Check Out: Coven Magazine

I believe in helping the ladies grow in this industry, why? Because through the kindness of other websites like Women of Freestyle and Ride BMX, Magnolia BMX was given the opportunity to...

Spotlight: Mini Park

Our next interviewee won't be heading to Simple Session but she's a veteran when it comes to competitions. Her past credentials include 2 Toronto Jams and the BMX Masters. There are so...

Samantha Moodie Interview with VIBE Vixen

I'm sure this is a repost for allot of you, but I just really love what Samantha Moodie had to say in this Vibe Vixen interview. You can also see Sam in...

Look at that girl, look at that girl!

Shortly after her Toronto Jam debut, Brooke Betancourt had some local exposure on WGN News. Watch Brooke strut her stuff above!

Spotlight: Allison López

I feel like there should be more coverage on our fellow female riders, there's a decent amount of coverage for North America, but personally not enough for Asia, Europe and in this...

Spotlight: Kayley Ashworth

Only 12 more days until Simple Session 2012! I won't physically be there to cover the event, but I thought I do what I could while sitting around in Canada. This week...

BLOOM JAM HOSTED BY RADSHARE June 4-5 2022 | Richmond, VA

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