• 2021 Urban Cycling World Championships: Live Link & Flatland Qualifying Results 🔴

    Beatrice June 6, 2021

    12 Freestyle Elite Women from 8 different Nations will be entering finals on Monday, June 7th. Tune in to watch the Elite Women at 11:20 CET, Elite Men at 16:20 CET, followed by Flatland on Tuesday, June 8th with the Elite Women starting at 14:05 CET and Men at 15:30 CET. Set the alarm, get the coffee ready, live link and heats can be found below. Freestyle Elite Women Heats…

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  • FISE Welcomes 3 Events to Summer 2021

    Angie Marie April 29, 2021

    1: UCI Urban World Cycling Championships Presented by FISE When: June 4th – 8th Location: Sud de France Arena, Montpellier Sports: BMX Freestyle & BMX Flatland Riders: Professional No fans due to Covid restrictions. The world’s best riders are expected at this major event which…

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  • E-FISE Montpellier Pro Women Results

    Beatrice September 20, 2020

    This year, FISE took a creative direction and went digital. This was an online only event, which gave a unique opportunity for athletes to compete who couldn’t have normally travelled in the first place – pandemic or not. Fans were also given the opportunity to…

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  • Spotlight: Jesse Gregory

    Beatrice March 24, 2020

    Photo by Colin Mackay Thanks for doing this interview Jesse, for those who don’t know you, how were you introduced to BMX? I got introduced to BMX from my dad’s friend’s son when I was 9. He had a birthday party at Orange Y BMX…

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  • FISE Hiroshima POSTPONED

    Beatrice March 13, 2020

    Yesterday was a crazy day, especially in the sports world! With large events getting cancelled left and right, it was no surprise that FISE has officially postponed the upcoming World Cup in Hiroshima. FISE Hiroshima has been postponed due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 situation. It will be…

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  • FISE : 21 Questions with Hannah Roberts

    Angie Marie March 4, 2020

    FISE just posted up 21 question from 2018 and 2020 with UCI World Champion Hannah Roberts. Link to article: Hannah Roberts is no stranger to best parks in the world, but did you know that her favorite country is Australia? In our next installment of…

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  • Spotlight: Charlotte Worthington

    Beatrice January 31, 2020

      In a short amount of time, British rider Charlotte Worthington has propelled in the freestyle world. In just 2019 alone, Charlotte finished 3rd in the world in points, became the 2019 European Continental champ, British National Champ and countless other accomplishments. We sat down…

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