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Why more girls are taking up BMX Freestyle – AusCycling

Australia has been working on developing the next generation of riders. Find out why more girls are taking up BMX Freestyle in Australia!

Natalya Diehm – Road to Recovery Video

Natalya Diehm talks about what happened after the Tokyo Olympics, and the challenges she faced while she worked towards getting back on the bike.

Australian National Team + Gold Coast Results

Sarah Nicki and Natalya Diehm named the Australian Elite women for the 2022 UCI Urban Cycling World Championships in Abu Dhabi.

Bloom Week at Woodward West 2022

Our first Bloom BMX Week at Woodward West! Enjoy this edit which captures the fun and stoke that the ladies had during Bloom Week!

Quick Questions with Natalya Diehm

Car Karaoke, food and a hatred for spiders, see what you have in common with Australian BMX Freestyle rider Natalya Diehm.

Australian BMX Olympian Natalya Diehm during Bloom Jam at Waffle Cup.

Waffle Cup – Riders List

Waffle Cup 2022 will be hosted by Scotty Cranmer and Natalya Diehm. Here is also your confirmed riders list.

Spend a day with Natalya Diehm

Hang out with Australian BMX Freestyle rider Natalya Diehm as she takes the LUXBMX crew into an average day in her life.

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