Bloom Week at Woodward West 2022

This year we had the opportunity to hold a second Bloom Week at Woodward West. It was our first inaugural Bloom Week West which was also happening during Girls Week. Bloom Week is a dedicated week for women’s BMX, it’s an opportunity for the next generation to ride with pros and for the pros to mentor the next generation.

This year’s Woodward West guests included Natalya Diehm from Australia, Emma Finnegan from the United Kingdom, Duda Penso from Brazil and of course your staple Bloom BMX pros were there, including Cory Coffey, Angie Marino and Maca Grasset. Last but not least, big thanks to our designated Bloom Week Coach Allie Wolfe, who provided a memorable experience for the campers.

Enjoy this edit which captures the fun and stoke that the ladies had during Bloom Week! Keep your eyes on for 2023 registration dates for Bloom Week at Woodward Camp!

Photos by Naoki Gaman

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