Spotlight: Stefanie Mracic

A few years ago, there were barely any female riders around. When I started Magnolia BMX, I knew only one other female rider in my area (Rebecca), things have really changed since then. I’m delighted to introduce to you all, another local 2012 Toronto Jam competitor, Stefanie Mracic:

Where are you from? Markham, Ontario

How and when did you start riding? I first started getting into riding April of 2011. What really got me into BMX was watching competitions such as Toronto bmx and Jomo Pro. Also seeing my brother ride for countless hours made me want to get a BMX and join in on the fun.

Will Toronto Jam 2012 be your first competition? This is going to be my second competition, the first one I was in was at joyride 150. There I competed in the halloween jam which was a blast.

What are you looking forward to this year? Some things I’m looking forward to this year is learning new tricks and riding more outside. I’m also stoked on building ramps this spring in my backyard. Also seeing more girl riders is sick and just makes BMX so much better!

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