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Our next interviewee won’t be heading to Simple Session but she’s a veteran when it comes to competitions. Her past credentials include 2 Toronto Jams and the BMX Masters. There are so many talented female riders all over the world, it’s gonna be tough interviewing them all! From Korea, say hello to Mini Park!

Please introduce yourself!
Hi, I’m Mini Park from South Korea in ASIA. I’ve been riding10 years now.

I ride for CJ,CGV,Bears-bike and POC.


How would you describe your riding style?
My riding style?..hmm…I think that I am quite good at jumping over a box. So, I like doing tricks when I jump over the a box. Hmm it can be my riding style? Anyway, when I was a kid, I wanted to jump higher than man-riders. So I practiced a lot. 🙂

What is the female riding scene like in Korea?
Sadly, I’m the only BMX rider in South Korea. So, I usually ride with men…. I sometimes go Taiwan for a practice, because my sponsor bike team is there and help me to practice well. In Taiwan, there are some girl riders.

So.. there was this commercial that I saw on Yeah Zine, I think it was a tampon commercial?
I was shot for a tampon commercial advertisement. But it’s over now. But you can find the video on the web. I will send you a link for the video.

Any bike buying tips for a new rider?
I would suggest a complete bike when beginning and one thing you have to consider too, is your height for the size of BMX.


Mini’s Bear Bike

Once they get a bike, what’s the next step?
Getting familiar with BMX!! Ride as much as you can!! If you can ride BMX in the skate park, it would be great!!

Anything else important to note?
Nope!! Just Ride and Be Happy with your BMX!!


To learn more about Mini, head over to her official website,


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