Spotlight: Vanessa Gerner

Please introduce yourself!
My name is Vanessa Gerner, I’m 24, I’m from Schweinfurt, Germany, I’m a self-employed media designer ( and the second head of a BMX club in Schweinfurt called BikeUnit. I started riding BMX 5-6 years ago. The farest skate park I’ve been to was in the Netherlands. Normally, I don’t compete in competitions except for the BMX Masters.

In Germany are there allot of female riders?
I some how lost track of how many female riders we have in Germany. I know about 12 female riders personally but I guess the dark figure is much higher. Every now and then a girl bmxer seems to pop out of nowhere and they keep on popping very fast.

If a girl were to travel to Schweinfurt, Germany could you recommend some parks that you go to?
I would recommend 3 parks. Girls who are into street riding must visit our local skate park under a bridge (, girls who love to jump should go to our club dirt park which I helped to plan and build ( and if you want to combine street and jumping go to Coburg (

The BMX Worlds is coming up soon, will this be your first time entering?
It will be the fifth time in row and I’m really looking forward to it.

I see that you wear a full face, I think it’s important that riders protect themselves, did something happen for you to wear a full face?
When I started to ride bigger ramps I became worried about falling on my face and getting scars or breaking off teeth. The full face helmet gives me a nice kind of security and has already protected my face from further damage. I’m really happy with my decision to wear one and by the way, it’s the first helmet that seems to fit perfectly on my head. My tip for everyone who thinks about getting one is to buy the Protec Ace Of Spades. It’s nearly as lightweight as a normal half-shell helmet and the range of vision is really good.


How are you preparing for the trip?
Cologne is not so far away, so I will go there by car. I don’t really train for the competition. I just try to ride as often as I can and try to learn new tricks.

Are you looking forward to meeting anyone while you are there?
Absolutely, there are a lot of people I’m really looking forward to meet but writing down all the names would just take too much time. To meet the other bmx girls will also be a highlight for me.
Are you out for blood or will you be taking this as a relaxed competition?
Normally I’m just too nervous to take the competition relaxed but I’m not really out for blood. I want to have fun, land my tricks and give my best.

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