Happy New Year From Magnolia BMX

We’re stoked to announce a flatland division to our team and welcome flatland riders Monika Hinz and Miyuki Dezaki to Magnolia BMX.

As a team we want to invest in the future of the female flatland.  Our goal is to draw awareness, welcome new riders and encourage current riders to push the limits of their progression daily.  For the year of 2013 we will be doing giveaways and a feature on a beginner flatland rider once a month. If you are a beginner female rider who started flatland in 2012 or later, send Magnolia BMX a picture of you and your bike, tell us about yourself and why you flatland.  If you are chosen for a feature we will send you a free shirt. Happy riding in 2013- meet our flatland division below!

Riding came in my life through my brother when I was a kid.  It took me on a never ending journey.  Taught me passion, acceptance, an open mind for changing and trying something new all the time.  The riding itself is an other wonder of life, how it happens, how I understand the movement.  Mind, body, bike, surface and nature all together in balance.  All holds me strong in body and mind with a lot of up and downs but mostly with a feeling of success and happiness.  To be in this situation is all I want, if Possible daily…but it’s not possible, so the time of riding is even more valuable.  I never understood why so few girls ride.  Yes it is difficult and a powerful sport but very sensitive and everyone can find their own way to do it.  I’m here now to help all those girls who would like to go on this journey and want to challenge themselves.

– Monika Hinz Europe

I always get motivated from all people who are involved in BMX.  They can be a bike shop owner, or a man who just loves to watch BMX riding, or kids, not only BMX riders.  I meet lots of people through my BMX life and they are always supportive.  I’m always impressed and thank those great meetings.  And also, there are lots of female riders in Japan compared to other countries.  We can gather 10 or so female riders at one time when we have a jam, not a competition.  I always try to motivate them to enjoy and keep riding together.  I have got passion to lead Japanese female riders! – Miyuki Dezaki Asia

Flatland is one of the most challenging parts of my life, physically and mentally.  I love riding because to me there’s no greater feeling then pulling a trick I never thought I’d be able to do.  It’s what I choose to do when I take time out of the day for myself as a mom, to shut off from the busyness and stress of the world and reflect.  It’s also a great way to keep healthy and in shape! I have lots of opportunities to meet a lot of great people and I love to encourage people I meet through riding my bike that you be or do anything you put your heart into!  Everyone is on a journey searching for their passion in life and I hope more girls discover their passion in flatland! Rebecca Pergentile America

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