Flatland Rider Jazmin Pintasilgo

Meet our February flatland rider Jazmin Pintasilgo from Paraguay.  We support her and you should too!  
Photo shoot for a calendar of BMX
Why do you ride flatland?
Mainly because the truth is something I like very much, it became my lifestyle.  For me it is more than a desire to show that woman can do this sport.  I’m the first girl to ride flatland in my country, and the world of BMX changed my life.  Today I love flatland and with the help of my friends always want to keep progressing in this beautiful sport.
My first competition in which I was the only female
Keep riding!  If you know a new female flatland rider or you ride flatland contact rebecca@magnoliabmx.org We want to share why we ride flatland with other ladies out there! If you are chosen for one or our monthly features you will receive a free shirt and sticker.
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