Ocean City Update

Happy Memorial day and Canada Day, my yanks and hosers! Here’s an update from our girl Brooke, who just came back from a weekend Dew Tour trip in Ocean City, Maryland.

I recently went on a weekend trip to Ocean City, Maryland for the Dew Tour and watched my boyfriend compete. Also got some sun, swam in the ocean and saw some sweet concerts. The last day had cool light show to rap the weekend up.

The next day, we ended up driving to Washington, DC to see the White House and then headed to New Jersey for a few days after and went to Philadelphia to ride a skate plaza that was really cool.

At this point, I’ve been gone for a good 2 weeks. Being in a car for over 48hrs all together can get really tiring, so I’m glad to be back home, chillen with the family. Who knows where I’ll be next!!

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