August Flatland Rider – Irais Pichardo

Angie MarieAugust 5, 2013

Irais is a dedicated and inspirational mom from Mexico!  It’s inspiring listening to her passion for life and flatland! Moms are no longer sitting in the stands at BMX events, they are out there riding!

My name is Irais Pichardo, I am an architect.  I’m Mexican, I live in Saltillo Coahuila Mexico.  Flatland I like the sport because it is a very nice and very different from others.  Sometimes it’s very difficult, but I think the things that are costing us are the most enjoyable in life.  

My kids also like flatland much.  On weekends we go as a family to practice this sport we love.  Especially my oldest son and I am very pleased.  When I go to practice flatland, clearing me a little of the routine of daily life, I like to try.  No problem if I fall, I get up.  My youngest son has taught me that the impossible does not exist.  It is important to try a thousand times.  

I like flatland because it is a sport that helps us to have a healthy mind in a healthy body.  You have to balance both the bike and daily life.  Here in Mexico there are not many girls who practice flatland.  I hope more girls discover the love for BMX.  Women are all divine beings who can.  -Irais Pichardo

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