X Games Update From Nikita Ducarroz: Day 1, The First Official Day of X Games

The amazing Nikita Ducarroz, was at the X Games this past weekend in Los Angeles and she was kind enough to send us a day-to-day journal! Nikita and her FDV crew, were given an amazing opportunity from GoodPeople to work with the interactive skatepark there. Below is post 2/5, so you’re gonna want to check back daily, for the rest of the updates.

Day 1: August 1st, 2013.

6am, first official day of X Games. Wake up, put the pads on, and get ready for the 9am meeting and start to the day. It was hard to get out the door but after sitting in the room for a while I finally just got up and decided to go for it. Sort of like when I’m about to try a new trick. Just needed to get in that right mindset.

We get our assignments, meet the crew, and spread out to staff the three parks we have. A street section, park section, and mini ramp. Each section has it’s own equipment tent where kids come and sign up to ride for 30 minute intervals. The first day was definitely a little crazy as everyone was still adjusting to what we were supposed to be doing, but overall it went great and helping some girls drop in really made me stoked.

I spent most of my time in the street section coaching, and then when the girls showed up, (Nina, Angie, and Lindsay) we did a little demo in the park. That was really fun as it was my first time meeting them in person after so many years, and also really my first time shredding with girl riders.

After we closed up shop, we had a closing meeting with the crew, cleaned up all the equipment, and went to dinner. My aunt, mom, and I went back to the lobby of the hotel to eat and I will admit, I was a little star struck by the amount of pro riders I saw walk past me in that one hour period. Overall I was stoked on the first day because I was able to come out of the panic mode I had been in and stay out working the whole day, which was a really huge thing for me to be able to do.

Check out GoodPeople.com @Goodpeople Fdvclothing.com @fdvclothingco @nikitabmxgirl
Photos by GoodPeople, Nicole Abate Ducarroz, and Lynn Abate Johnson

Come back tomorrow for Day 2.

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