X Games Update From Nikita Ducarroz: Day 3

The amazing Nikita Ducarroz, was at the X Games this past weekend in Los Angeles and she was kind enough to send us a day-to-day journal! Nikita and her FDV crew, were given an amazing opportunity from GoodPeople to work with the interactive skatepark there. Below is post 4/5, so you’re gonna want to check back daily, for the rest of the updates.

Day 3: August 3rd, 2013. I was a little freaked out when I heard that it was going to be a crazy day, but it actually turned out to be a really great day that went by super fast even though we were open an hour later. It started out normal, but then I noticed the crowds starting to come in. Fortunately, even though the amount of people was at least doubled, the amount actually coming to sign up was about the same and it didn’t get too hectic. I spent almost the whole day at the mini ramp equipment booth apart from doing the girls demo, and then later the GoodPeople demo. It was pretty hot and exhausting but still super fun.

Halfway through the day Nina, Angie, Linsday and I all went out with a sign in the middle of the X Games crowd trying to draw some girls in for the session and teach them to ride boards or bikes. While we were out there I did a little interview, had some photos taken, and met Kevin Robinson. Fat Tony dropped by, as well as Trish Bare-Grounds from Bare Essentials Sports Medicine. I’ve wanted to meet her for a while as she’s really inspired me to become an athletic trainer and she’s just an all around good person. Dinner that night was had in the staff cafeteria with the FDV crew and then we headed back to the lobby to hang out until the boys needed to catch the shuttle to go back to their hotel. Just the simple things like riding through X Games at night with my crew puts such a huge smile on my face.

Check out GoodPeople.com @Goodpeople Fdvclothing.com @fdvclothingco @nikitabmxgirl
Photos by GoodPeople, Nicole Abate Ducarroz, and Lynn Abate Johnson

Come back tomorrow for Day 4: The Last Day.

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