Remove sweat stains with hair spray!

I’m getting ready for race day, I have a load of clean laundry and to my dismay, I find sweat stains on my jersey! Frig! I’m going to look gross with these orange stains, and it’s already so hard to look half decent in a full face helmet!

So I email Hannah from Team Wrex, asking her how to remove the stains, and she responds with HAIR SPRAY!  She goes on to say “Spray the area generously and rub it with another white, clean piece of fabric. Blot it off and rise. You have to work fast, the hairspray dries.” And it worked!

The magic is really in the alcohol, so if you don’t have hair spray on hand, try rubbing alcohol. Below is a before and after picture, there were better examples but by the time I thought about posting this, it was too late.

I hope this is helpful for you sweaty monkeys out there. I have a long day of racing tomorrow so wish me luck!

Apparently, I sweat in little dots?

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