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Angie MarieMarch 27, 2014

Lona is a flatland rider competing in our Flatland Forward all female progression contest this year. Representing the United States in the Intermediate class.  Follow and support her on facebook!  She has been posting regular impressive videos of her riding on facebook and is learning new tricks fast!  Here’s more about her below. Check it out!
My real name is Ilona Adamiec, but I shortened it to Lona Adams and that is what a lot of people know me as now.  I am 43 years old and just started riding again the day before York Jam, Sept 13, 2013.  I rode for a few years in the late 90’s early 2000’s then sort of tapered off.  In the last few years of the “off” time, I have been doing hula hoop dance/tricks which I still also do.

I like flatland because it is something you can do by yourself or with your friends, it is creative and not something people see everyday. Also, if you meet someone that rides flatland you usually make an instant friend. Some tricks I am working on now are Megaspin, McCircles, Backwards Hitch Hiker (which I can do sometimes, but need way more consistency) and a bunch of other little things that may or may not have names. 

I like to ride at “The Hidden Spot” or “1300” if it is nice out, with the York and Lancaster crews, or by myself at the “G-spot” which is just my garage but I got it all decorated up (costed that idea from Chenga) it makes it way more pleasant to ride in.  I do not like to plan too far ahead what tricks I will learn, I usually just let it form on its own; like if I am in the middle of riding and I think “Oh, I could learn to do this one I am doing now, but maybe do it this other way–or something.” In the future I hope to do something constructive with my riding, but for right now my goal is just to get a lot better.

Continue following us for more updates through out the year on riders participating in this contest!

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