Spotlight: Sabrina Millman

Name: Sabrina Millman
Age: 20
Hometown: Calgary

How did you get into BMX and how long have you been riding? My brother started when my mom saw an ad for a BMX track opening, I went to watch and this lady came up to me and said that I should try it, and that there aren’t enough girls in this sport. Ever since that day, I’ve never given up on this sport I loved for 15 years

Tell us about your worst accident: My worst was back in 2012 at the UCI World Cup Action, also being my first time racing super cross. It had bigger jumps, and a 3 story start hill. All of my practice laps were great, but I was not as confident going into the race as I was in practice. I don’t remember anything from the moment I went up to the gate for my first race until 3 days later when I woke up in the hospital not knowing what happened. My mom came in and told me what happened, she showed me a video of my crash. I made it down the start hill and bailed right into the front side of the 30 foot double. I was knocked out and not breathing for a few minutes. I was having seizures my mom told me. My injuries were a grade 4 lacerated liver, an internal bleeding that was close to killing me and a broken wrist. 2 weeks later I got out of the hospital to return home to Calgary.

What’s life like since your accident, recovery, riding and all: I was told by my doctor it would take at least a year for me to heal. After my accident, I wasn’t able to eat for at least 3 weeks until I ate my first crumb – I lost so much weight. When I got back from the hospital, all I could do was sleep and watch movies for a few weeks and being bored at home wishing I was riding. I left for Las Vegas, NV where I normally go to train for the winter, but this time it was to recover. The weather was of course 100 times better compared to Canada and all I wanted to do was ride my bike. I rode my park bike around slowly and when I got my cast off, I started riding skate parks and tracks, but I just didn’t feel like the same rider I was. Until this day I’m still having problems, physically and mentally but everyday I’m striving to get better on my bike:)

If you had never discovered BMX, what would you be doing? I can’t think of my life without BMX, probably dead.

Who are your inspirations? The elite men, I’ve always wanted to ride like one of the guys. Fearless, strong and skilled.

Who would be your dream sponsor and why? I already have my dream sponsor; 2 cycle Michael’s. They’re always there for me like a second family and that’s what a sponsor should be, a supporter.

Brett Downs wants to know: In most other types of cycling, women have different set up on their bikes. Do you do anything different to make the bike fit and perform better for you?

Yes, I add a extra small spacer to my stem which has helped me with my jumping, manualing and gates

What’s your plan in the next 5 years? Keep riding and getting better, make it to more races and hopefully be at the Olympics in 2016

Thank you’s: My family, my friends, David hickman, god, 2 cycle Michael’s, everyone who supports me and Magnolia for this interview!

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