BeatriceApril 29, 2014

We’re excited to announce a few changes to our current team of nearly 10 years. For nearly a decade, Samantha Lyons and Natalie Wade have been supporting the Magnolia BMX Brand and have been wonderful role models for young aspiring riders. Samantha and Natalie will be moving to our veteran’s team, allowing two new riders the opportunity to join our family.

The two new riders include Canadian racer Amelia Walsh and Park/Street rider Perris Benegas. Amelia Walsh is a Canadian National BMX race team member, where she trains, eats and breaths BMX every single day. We will be doing what we can to support her journey to the 2016 Olympics and will be joining her current list of sponsors including Clif Bar, Deft Family, Yess BMX, Troy Lee Designs and Joyride 150 to name a few.

If Magnolia BMX became a person, we picture her to be like Perris Benegas. Humble, positive and always smiling, Perris has 7 years of riding experience and even placed first at her very first competition at the Toronto BMX Jam. As of late, Perris has been picking up a lot of positive attention from her edit in January, and her recent one “Catching up with Perris Benegas”. Naturally, we felt that she would be a perfect addition to the team.

Amelia and Perris will be joining our core team, which currently includes Peta Shepherd, Rebecca Pergentile, Monika Hinz and Miyuki Dezaki. Check us out for future updates over at www.magnoliabmx.org

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