Ask A Pro Series #1

As a rider starting out, or even one that’s been at it for a while, we all have questions still! As part of the “Ask A Pro Series” we’re going to answer your questions using our connections with the best of the best female riders out there. If you want your question featured for next month, head over to our contact page and ask away!

Paul Troy wants to know First question, to our Amelia Walsh. What weight training exercises are essential for power and speed in bmx racing? For all the young and upcoming bmx racing heros of tommorrow!

Amelia Walsh Professional BMX rider, supported by the Candian National BMX team

I believe that power is built in the gym and speed on the bike. You can spend 6 days a week lifting weights but its not going to make you fast on the track. In order to “go fast” you have to transfer your power into the pedals which is done through various sprinting programs.

My primary lifts in the gym are Olympic Lifts ( cleans/snatch). I wouldn’t suggest youtubing/googling how to do these if your going to start or are wanting to try them. Get someone that knows what there doing to coach you. This is pretty advanced though (14 years old +) .

For the younger generation I would suggest getting them a park bike and taking them to dirt jumps, get them comfortable jumping. Your kid can be the strongest in his/her age group but their technical skills will win them races.

If you are absolutely keen on starting your child on the strength training part. Start with body weight plyometrics and flat ground sprints on flat pedals.

Jessica Leigh wants to know Do the pros get nervous before competing and what are some rituals that the big pros do to calm the butterflies?

Peta Shephard Australian BMX rider, supported by Magnolia BMX, Primary Treads and Colony BMX

Yup (I) always get nervous.  Usually (I) just tell myself to relax and try to just picture the runs or tricks I wanna get done. Also (I) practice and flow around to try and feel the best on my bike.

Perris Benegas American BMX Rider, supported by Magnolia BMX

Well, the one competition I did enter was the 2014 Toronto BMX Jam. I was extremely nervous before each run, but then I remembered I was there to have fun. At that point, I didn’t really look at it as a competition anymore, I looked at is as just another day of riding my bike.

That’s it for August’s Ask A Pro Series, if you want your questions featured for September head over to our contact page and ask away! 

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