Toronto Dew Tour AM Series

Angie MarieSeptember 15, 2014
Kiera recently got her RMT certificate, she’s shown here giving a massage to one of the riders.
Our girl Kiera Bonifacio was on the job this weekend, working at the Toronto Dew Tour AM Series! She was awesome enough to take some photos for us and give us an idea of what the event was like. 
Kiera said the event was quick and fun, lots of variety between park and street, with lots of young fellas looking like they are getting very good.

Congratulations goes to Keira’s boyfriend Steve Moxley who went home with first place!

Unfortunately there were no ladies at the competition (by the decision of the tour), but we will get into that at a later time.

Enjoy the photos, and thanks again Kiera for covering the event for us!

Paul Hoerdt, Kiera and Chris Silva (I think, I might be wrong)

Kiera with Paul Hoerdt

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