Flatland Forward Submission Cut Off Soon!

Angie MarieOctober 28, 2014

Hey flatland ladies!

If you registered for our contest last year don’t miss out on getting your video submission in.  Fourteen prize packs are waiting to be sent out!  Submissions have been coming in over the past few days in each class and will close the end of the day this friday!  (October 31st!)  Even if you have not progressed in your riding as much as you may have liked, don’t skip out on sending in a video that may land you some free flatland goodies!

If you are wondering how to be apart of this contest and you didn’t register for it last November, we’re sorry that you missed out!  This is a first of it’s kind, progression contest for female flatland riders to get flatland bike parts out to ladies showing growth in their riding.  Many riders around the globe have been pushing their riding to learn some new tricks.  Only ladies who registered for it last November may participate in submitting an edit of the new flatland tricks they’ve learned.  If you missed out on this contest, follow MagnoliaBMX and don’t miss out on our next contest or giveaway.

For the ladies who have registered, remember to send your submissions in before the end of Friday. Submissions are already coming in and no exceptions will be made past October 31st!

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