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If you are not already, make sure to follow our flatland rider Monika Hinz and stay updated through her blog you can access here.

She’s posted about her time in India and posted some amazing pictures and stories you don’t want to miss!

“In Germany in winter I used to ride at least once or twice a week, as I also don’t have any indoor spot, so it’s kind of hard; in summer 3-4 times or more per week on a peaceful, nice and smooth floor where we flatlanders are tolerated to ride.
After some weeks in Bombay I really wanted to ride the way I used to do.  It was the best weather, while in Europe we had cold winter.”

Monika is an inspiring rider and friend.  We are privileged to have her as part of the Magnolia team and look forward to see more.

Make sure to follow and support her!

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