Spotlight: Felicia Stancil

Tell us about your preparation for Pan Am, where did it stack up compared to your other major races. Was there a different game plan in preparing for Toronto, and what were your expectations?
Felicia: I do most of my preparation during the off season, but continue to work hard during season. I have a very similar game plan for most of World Cups and Word Champs by practicing a lot of supercross before the event. I personally just go to races and try my very best every time.

Could you go back and tell us about what you remember during the main, going into and then out of the first berm. Do you recall what your first instincts were; did you even notice what was happening?
Felicia: I just tried to have the best first straight I could have and with that I felt I had enough speed to jump the triple. When I landed the triple I was on the outside of Mariana who fell. I tried my best to avoid the crash and then get back on track to get to the finish line.

You looked very calm and collected during the ceremony, I’m wondering what you were thinking at that moment. Where does this rank in your most memorable achievements?
Felicia: This event is one that I will never forget. A lot of my family was there which made it that much better as well. I’ve come close to a World Cup win before, but not close enough, so this might be the one of my highest achievements. I don’t think all of the emotions from the race settled in yet during the ceremony. Believe me I was happy!

How did you celebrate your win?
Felicia: My family and I went out to a restaurant to celebrate that night. It was awesome for them to be there to celebrate with me.

Can you tell us what the Athletes village was like, for some of us who may not know?
Felicia: I never competed in the games, so this was the first athlete village I experienced. I spent most of my time in the cafeteria and in the USA building. It was very much like staying in dorm rooms in college. The dining hall was extremely big with plenty of food options.

I heard there were some issues with the berms on race day being a little slick, how did you find the track, as I hear it’s considerably mellow compared to other world tracks.
Felicia: I did not notice the turns being slick, so I do not know. The jumps were not as big as other tracks, but still very fun.

 _rachelgaskin asks: Well done at the Pam Am games! How do you find a good BMX and study balance?
Felicia: My school supports me a lot with what I do, which is very helpful. Besides that I do not have much time to watch TV or other things, but I enjoy training, racing, and studying very much.

blackcrownbmx asks: Congratulations @feliciastancil23 How do you stay calm before and during such a big race?
Felicia: As I’m in the gate I only focus on myself getting down the hill as fast as I can. The rest of the lap is usually on auto-pilot from what I did in mottos and practice.

charisma_markovic asks: What’s your favourite piece of racing gear, or bike?
Felicia: I like everything I wear and ride with, but I guess my entire GT Carbon frame has to be my favorite.

charisma_markovic asks:Do you have a favourite BMX track?
Felicia:: I like all 3 of the BMX tracks I train on very much! There all fun in different ways.

charisma_markovic asks: Have you faced any challenges being a female in this sport?
Felicia:: Not really, people are very supportive of my racing. One just has to believe in them self.

charisma_markovic asks: Could you offer any advice on how to train on track, and of?
Felicia: Always keep it fun, but I ride a track around 2 times a week and do a lot of sprints.

Kind of a silly question, but if you could educate. Is it a rule for all of the representing athletes to wear their countries uniform 24 hours a day during the Pan Am event?
Felicia: I do not think it is a rule, but it is cool to represent your countries clothes during the event.

Rio is a little over a year a way, are you thinking about the Olympics right now, or just taking it day by day?
Felicia: I always take it event by event. That has worked best for me.

Lastly, did you want to dedicate the win in Toronto to anyone, or any group of people?
Felicia: My family, GT Bicycles, and USA cycling. I could not have done it without their support.

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