2016 Rays Women's Weekend recap

Wednesday, February 10, 2016
With the weeks then days that led up to this weekend, I was becoming more and more stressed. I had deadlines at work, things to pack up, and events to go to. But when the day finally came, it turn out to be the most fun weekend ever.

On Thursday we arrived at Ray's MTB Park, so that our buddy Trish could go to a staff meeting. Dezzi and I took advantage of seeing what the park was like off our bikes before the big 3 day Women's Weekend. The park is jaw dropping,  rooms and lines that can help any style of rider.

This was the huddle before the coaches welcomed the riders. You had women who achieved huge accomplishments, gold medals, world championships, first black flip by a female, the resumes were long and impressive. One night I was having dinner with these coaches, and one of the thoughts I had was... holy shit, I'm sharing hummus with the most decorated U.S. downhill rider and the last American women who won the UCI World Downhill Championships. (Leigh Donovan)

Pictured above is Kim Klisiak, a long time friend, owner of WOF BMX, and is currently working to promote an all girl contest with a $1000 purse prize. Check it out

The swag was pretty sweet. Everyone received a goodie bag with their lunch, along with a raffle ticket. I won a $150 Camelbac which was exactly what I wanted. We (Magnolia BMX) also donated shirts and a necklace to the pile as well. Some of the ladies won a custom Trek bike and another a cruiser. The prizes were geared more to the XC / Mountain riders.

Ray's had a huge turnout, and the group of people who attended were already into riding, unlike the Joyride's Women's Weekend, where they had a lot of newer, first time riders. You can overhear the ladies talk about progressing, what they wanted to try next,  and how much fun they were having.

The BMX turnout was strong too, even though we only made up a small percentage compared to the rest of the attendance, it was still a fun group with lots of notable faces.

Big thanks to Trish, she's the nicest, raddest girl you will ever meet. She can belt out a tune like no other, and most importantly she'll get you pumped to ride. Thank you for taking me on this trip!

I'm disappointed with the lack of riding photos of myself, but this is what happens when you're busy having fun. I'm looking forward to the next Women's Weekend and one of these days I hope to be a coach with accolades of my own to talk about.

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