Spotlight: Elke Vanhoof

Monday, February 8, 2016
Can you tell us a little bit about how you were introduced to racing?
I was a really active kid, played different kind of sports. In 1999 my dad bought me a BMX race bike, and a few months later they built a BMX track in my home town. I really loved to ride and the next year I had my first race license and became Belgian Champion in 2000 racing against the boys :).

Where in Belgium do you spend your time training, and if you could choose a location to always train at, where would it be?

We have the BMX supercross track in Zolder where I ride the most, but the Belgian weather isn’t always good for us so I prefer to ride in warmer country’s like France and America.

I saw a clip of you riding an indoor park, do you do that often? How does park play a role in racing or the other way around?

It’s fun and a good way to improve your techniques, it’s something different then the race track.

Last year we saw a lot of situations where the racers had to compete in really bad conditions, have you ever questioned yourself if you should be in the gate?

It’s not always fun to ride in such weather conditions but you can’t control the weather so I try to focus on the things I can control, like a good gate…

Being 10th in the UCI rankings put’s you ( I assume) in a very good position for the Olympics in Rio. What are your thoughts on the track and how is the preparation going? Are you looking forward to any other sports while there?

The Olympics is the biggest competition for any athlete in the world, and every racer is dreaming about that goal. I can say I’m in a good position for the moment but the points are still counting and the 2016 season still needs to start.

How are you healing up so far, I see you’re going through some fun rehab for your knee?

My knee is doing good, I teared my meniscus while I was on a training camp in America but I’m back in training and can ride my bike in 2 weeks again, so I will be ready for the next season ;)

I see you also coach and train, with traveling during the race season and competition, where do you find the time?

I really love to do something to give back in the sport and really love to coach those kids. Sometimes it's a bit busy but I need to have something different next to all the racing and training.

I see you’re sponsored through Oakley, what goggles do you wear?

I’m racing with the Oakley airbrake MX I really love those goggles. I tried different brands because of the team sponsors, but I always come back to Oakley !

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Quick Questions 

Best thing to eat while in Belgium: I really like the food in Belgium, if your here you need to try the Belgium fries, chocolate and beer, I know those are not the healthy ones but just eat them on your cheat day :p !!
Worst habit: I’m really bad at paperwork, I try to do better but I love riding my bike
Race in the cold or race in the heat: race in the heat
Best Redbull flavour: The RED and Tropical edition
Currently listening to: All kinds of music
Go to training music: some hard but happy music

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