Toronto X Jam 2018 Female Finals

Photo Credit: Karl Hinkley

Karl Hinkley…he’s the nicest and coolest dad in the whole world, he’s also the man behind NoWear BMX and this edit! This past weekend we had the Toronto X Jam, an event that takes place along side the Toronto International Bicycle Show.

If you want to plan for next year, stay in Toronto and book off the first weekend of March. This international event has brought in ladies from all over the world, but this year was a battle between Canada and the United States. Check out the edit below, hopefully we’ll see you next year!

1st Place: Hannah Roberts (USA)
2nd Place: Angie Marino (USA)
3rd Place: Sarah Dinel (CAN)
4th Place: Kara Bruce (CAN)

Toronto X Jam 2018 female finals from NOWEAR on Vimeo.

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