Jess McCormack with Berm Academy Part 1

Angie MarieMarch 7, 2018
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If you’re looking to have the time of your life, for a week or even up to a month long, look no further than Berm Academy, where you can tour like a pro, with coach and tour guide Jason Carnes.

After a month of travelling across 7 states, riding tracks and trails and racing 2 BMX Nationals, Australian BMX racer Jess McCormack shows us what her trip was like, check out part 1 below.


The Ultimate Tour Experience for BMX Racers

Jason Carnes’ Berm Academy is proud to deliver the ultimate BMX road trip experience for every rider, 14 and over, from novice to pro! Experiencing the coast-to-coast BMX scene in the U.S. is an exciting vision that many riders around the world share. Whether we’re hitting a USA BMX race or practice night at one of their 350+ tracks, shredding the trails, bike park, or a secret backyard track, exploring a new city by bike, lounging at the beach, cannonballing at a local swim hole, whitewater rafting, or stopping in to check out one of the hundreds of National and State Parks, you are guaranteed to have a good time and create friendships and memories that will last a lifetime…and you’ll do it all in one of the sickest rigs the sport has ever seen.

The Berm Academy offers seven day, fourteen day, and one month (or longer) options with transportation, accommodation, most meals, and an opportunity to hit some of the country’s best tracks, trails, industry hot spots, and experience lots of road-life good times. And when it’s time to roll into a USA BMX National, The Berm Academy gives you the “Pro” treatment with a massive pit set-up that is unrivaled by all other teams, and exclusive to tour participants (and maybe a few visiting Pros).

If you want to experience tour life and do it like a pro, get on board with Jason Carnes’ Berm Academy and let’s hit the road!

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