Vans BMX Pro Cup - Sydney, AUS final results

Sunday, April 14, 2019
Photo: Colin Mackay
From vansbmxprocup.comThe women’s division offered a diverse showcase of the series’ best women contenders to date, including US riders Angie Marino and Nina Buitrago, plus Australia’s own Natalya Diehm. In the end, reigning women’s world champion Teresa Azcoaga took the cake, demonstrating pure confidence as she landed powerful airs and a noteworthy toboggan over the extension. Azcoaga has been a consistent player in the Pro Cup series, securing several podiums last season to claim glory in the overall series. This win puts her in a prime position in the title race, as she looks to continue her streak into Germany.

Runner up Natalya Diehm also put on an impressive show, compiling a mixed bag of tricks from big transfers and no-handers over the spine to win the judges over. Diehm also earned the Red Bull Best Trick honors with a big ninja drop from the extension. Finally, in third, Angie Marino expressed her flawless style, transferring smooth lines and table top maneuvers. 
Sydney Womens Finals Gallery


1. Teresa Azcoaga ESP

2. Natalya Diehm AUS

3. Angie Marino USA

4. Nina Buitrago USA

5. Denise Cropper AUS


Natalya Diehm, Big Ninja Drop

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